Monday, August 27, 2007

Thoughts for Christians Concerned with Marriage Rights

Whether you are an ultra fundamentalist who hates fags altogether, or a more tolerant Christian who still believes that "marriage is between a man and a woman" I think you should stop and think before you start making laws for all of us. Some folks in California want to "protect marriage" which means nothing except discriminating against same-sex couples.

As a Christian I would be extremely wary of a government sanctioning an institution like marriage. If you are a true believer why would you want a secular government to mandate the details of your sacred institution? It is in your best interests to keep the government out of your church and your bedroom lest they decide that the way you worship or marry or whatever isn't the right way. When Jesus said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's we usually think about taxes, but shouldn't that apply to letting the government take care of governing and keeping your private beliefs out of it. Jesus never encouraged influencing the government with religious ideas, he spoke about letting it do it's job (and making sure you pay your fair share to make sure it can.)

Here's what Randy Thomasson, one of the organizers for California Marriage Amendment, had to say:

"This is proof positive that the initiative, which will prevent marriage from being abolished and prevent marriage rights from being eliminated, is absolutely needed to protect the sacred institution of marriage from activist judges and liberal politicians,"

This is typical language of his kind to scare you into thinking that there is some kind of threat. Do you really think that marriage will be abolished? Seriously?? And marriage rights eliminated? I don't think that is anybody's agenda, but the goal is to offer benefits to people who deserve them from the perspective of a government that is concerned for the well being of it's citizens and not a government that wants to look into every bedroom in the country and make sure there's nothing they don't approve of going on.

Lets all try to move forward here and leave behind these people who's idea of government is to watch you have sex and tell you that you're doing it in the wrong way or with the wrong person. Whether you are a godless liberal or a bible thumpin' fundie, no one wants Uncle Sam telling us how to worship, marry, fuck or anything else we do in our churches, homes, or parked cars.

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garth2 said...

for me it was always puzzling why the state gets involved in marriage at all. as far as a union of property and various rights are concerned, the state can streamline partnerships, sure. that's about it though. a service to the people. you can get almost all the same rights as a married couple through various legal wranglings...but why does it matter to the government who you're marrying? are these people saying Anna Nichole marrying that old man for his money was just jim dandy, but a gay couple together for ten years is somehow wrong? fuck that shit. fuck those people too, the holy thumbsuckers. mind your own god damned (lit) business.