Friday, August 17, 2007

Biology and Mathematics in Harmony

According to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, the elephant is the only mammal that can not jump.

The elephant is also the only mammal with four knees.

It is impossible to jump without knees.

Based on this information, I can only assume that in order for a mammal to jump it must possess at least one, but less than four knees. In other words,

More research is needed on one and three legged mammals, but I think the basic concept of my theory is pretty solid. Feel free, biologists, evo-devos and mathematicians to expound on my work, but please have the courtesy to give credit where credit is due when using my equation(s).


garth2 said...

maybe if we believe hard enough, a three-kneed animal will come about of its own accord.

j-bone said...

We have not been believing hard enough. God obviously wants to make a three kneed animal - the obsession with 3 days, 3 nails, 3 persons in one, etc. make it obvious - but, we haven't been praying and believing enough. I'm glad you get it, garth.

garth2 said...

hey, let's learn to speak old english. and drink old english. wanna come hang at my brothers? I think chris blaikie's coming too

j-bone said...

Hwæt! I thought it was Olde English.