Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scariest Picture Ever

This may be one of the scariest photographs ever:

From left to right: Stephen Bennet, "former homosexual" of the evangelical christian, SBMinistries; Mrs. Bennet (I'm not sure exactly what to say about her, except that I am very, very frightened of her.); Beverly LaHaye, Founder of Concerned Women of America; and Tim LaHaye, co-author of the "Left Behind" Series of fiction books, which have been partially adapted to the big screen starring Kirk Cameron.

*photo viewing and link clicking must be done at your own risk.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blasphemy Makes the Baby Jesus Cry.

I went ahead and signed the petition tonight. I'm not sure my name and comment will last too long though, so I took a screenshot for posterity.

So Kathy Griffin said stuff that Christians didn't like, including "...suck it, Jesus." Who cares wtf Kathy says? S/he's a comedian/enne. (I'm still not sure on Kathy's gender.) Part of the humor of the remark is reflected from all the apparently moral-less and hypocritical people who thank jesus for their awards in these acceptance speeches, but this is obviously lost on the sheople who make such a big fuss.

I'd like to explore all the idiocy of this reaction from the fundy-mental-ists; there are great free speech issues here, as well as political, philosophical and sociological issues to discuss. But, when you get down to it - it's just fuckin' funny how these people react! Here are some names and comments if you'd like a taste:

Oh. I didn't want to keep typing it, so just picture a big (sick)(sic) at the end of all the quotes. They are copied directly.

Howard Wilson
People of faith are sick of spoiled brats trying to destroy our countrie's foundation

donna kenchel
it is about timee we christians stand up for our GOD. these perverts are getting away with anything they want to and we just set back and let it happen. how does anyone do anything and think GOD is not in everything that happens. H E knew exactly what you would do your whole life before you were ever born.

Stephen Lumpkin
Very tired of white, heterosexual, christians being stepped on in this country. Step up or step out.

she needs to keep having plastic surgery, but she'll always be ugly and on our D-List!

i dnt unsderstand but the devil is really tryin to bring us teens down by getting her to say that and i am going to keep her in our prayers!!!

Deborah A. Hall
I don't think I would tempt faith if I was her. [ What does it mean to "tempt faith?"]