Friday, June 27, 2008

I Got a Camera!

Now I can put up that sexy profile picture I always wanted. 

The camera purchase was inspired in part by Max getting a digital camera for her fifth birthday; I had been technologically leap-frogged by the next generation.

Also, I've been working a ton and am basically rich now. See, I built a fence

and I've been fixing a bank. I keep telling them I need a key to get in after hours and they won't pony up.  I'll let you know when they do - from somewhere far away.

I did get my new camera in time to document my 'special day' on Wednesday.  I was treated to sourdough bread with candy on top. (It made me feel nice and warm inside - with the warmth that can only come from being force fed an entire piñata)

and got some presents (mostly wood screws)

It was pretty bad-ass.

I'm off to build more stuff.  I will return with more photodocumentation.

1 comment:

garth2 said...

you're back! huzzah!

sweet candy-bread you got there. haven't seen candy-bread like that since, oh, '77? '78?