Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep track of our climbing progress. Maybe.

Anyone who is interested in how my partners and I are doing on the Tangerine Trip may be able to get a quick daily update by Tom Evans. This guy is cool. He provides an amazing service to El Capitan climbers by taking their pictures with this insane telephoto lens from El Cap Meadow. If he can get in contact with the climbers he will give them their pictures basically at his cost for the film. He makes heroes out of us chumps by giving us cool pics to show off. Thanks, Tom.

Anyway, if you check the Supertopo Forum and look for posts by "elcap-pics", usually titled "el cap report d/a/te," you can read about what he has been seeing on the Captain that day. If he is still in the valley next week he will likely be reporting on our progress on The Trip.

Blogger isn't letting me post a picture right now, but I have a few that Tom took of me on my first El Cap route, solo on the Zodiac. With any luck, I'll have some from the Trip to post later too.

edit: Here's a pic that Tom Evans took of me on Zodiac.

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garth2 said...

you picked the right time to bugger off outta town. i wonder if you could see the smoke from up there, or if the lousy round earth got in your way